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Rosenhang Museum - Weilburg, Germany
Solo Exhibition 2022
Triggered by current political developments, the Rosenhang Museum in Weilburg is presenting a special exhibition entitled "Vergebung" (Forgiveness) by the Berlin-based Italian artist Mariella Ridda.

‘Screams - Mariella Ridda deals with the trope of ‘screams’ in her work. Born out of the pandemic crisis, these paintings become increasingly acidic, topical, and imbued with tormented desperation and pain. They express the absurdity of the all wars  in the World. These screams become the kinaesthetic manifestations of those who live in fear, coerced to leave their own homes to save themselves, of those haunted by the loss of parents, children, and friends; they are screams of anger, great suffering and powerful rebellion against a world that is gradually disintegrating; they are metonymic representations of a rotten system and lost humanity.

This is a world that can only be redeemed by a
of profound forgiveness and renewed personhood.
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