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Grida ribelli e Abbracci proibiti
(Rebellious Screams and Forbidden Hugs)
Santa Margherita Nuova - Municipal, historical Monument
Procida Island, Italian Capital of Culture 2022
Solo Exhibition 2022
Manifesto Procida 2022.jpg
Mariella Ridda, a Neapolitan artist living in Berlin, presents a unique exhibition entitled "Grida ribelli e Abbracci proibiti" (Rebellious Screams and Forbidden Hugs). Born out of the pandemic crisis, the ‘screams’ are paintings that represent strident and poignant cries for help that rise up against the absurd wars devastating the world. They are screams of anger, great suffering and powerful rebellion against a world that is gradually disintegrating; they are metonymic representations of a rotten system and a lost humanity.
This is a world that can only be rescued by a
‘hug’ of profound brotherhood.

As a theme the artist has been dealing with for longer than a decade, the
‘hug’ constitutes a gesture of love, brotherhood, empathy and sadness; what used to be a common action has become precious because it is now increasingly rare, and not too long ago, was even forbidden.
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