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About me


Mariella Ridda, was born in Naples and has lived in Berlin since 1999.

She has in Rome and Naples at the local Academy of Arts

(Accademia delle belle Arti).

Since then she has exhibited regularly in museums and galleries in Italy,

Germany, France, Austria and Japan. She is represented in numerous private

and public collections.

The Painting of Mariella Ridda

Mariella Ridda, a Neapolitan artist living in Berlin, mostly represents

highly topical issues:

Introspections - Series 2022 | 2024

We live in a time of extreme disorientation and anxiety: war, violence, and environmental catastrophes obscure our horizon. It is at this specific moment that the ‘introspection series’ is born; in which delicate figures express the fragility that we are living as individuals. These are beings veiled by sadness, wrapped in a profound introspection, in search of a light that shows the way to a better future.

Screams- Series 2021 | 2022

Mariella Ridda, a Neapolitan artist living in Berlin, deals with the trope of ‘screams’ in her work. Born out of the pandemic crisis, her paintings become increasingly acidic, topical, and imbued with tormented desperation and pain. They express the absurdity of the all wars  in the World. These screams become the kinaesthetic manifestations of those who live in fear, coerced to leave their own homes to save themselves, of those haunted by the loss of parents, children, and friends; they are screams of anger, great suffering and powerful rebellion against a world that is gradually disintegrating; they are metonymic representations of a rotten system and lost humanity.
This is a world that can only be redeemed by a 'hug' of profound forgiveness and renewed personhood.

The Hug - Series 2013 | 2024

It’s exactly the ‘hug’ that is the other major trope of the artist’s work. This is a theme that she has been dealing with for longer than a decade, and is now extremely topical. The ‘hug’: a gesture of love, brotherhood, empathy and sadness; what used to be a common action has become precious because it is now increasingly rare, and not too long ago, forbidden.

The Sea (and the Volcanoes) - Series 2015 | 2023

As the daughter of a land of sea and fire, the series of "marine paintings" and bursting "volcanoes" could not be missing from Riddas themes. In her Work, the Sea is another fundamental element, it is the Great Mother, the amniotic universe, the mysterious and enveloping unconscious. The theme of the Sea is often intertwined with that of hugs, becoming a whole of warmth and harmony.



01 | 1991            

Graduated Accademia di Belle Arti

(Academy of Fine Arts),

Diploma in Fine Art Painting, Naples, Italy


1986 | 1990 

Accademia di belle Arti

(Academy of Fine Arts)

1st year in Rome

2nd to 4th year in Naples


1987 | 1991        

At the same time at the

Academy of Fine Arts:

Studies in graphic design

1988 | 1991        

Studio Graphein:

Course in Graphic Design,

Photography, Airbrush Illustration

Naples, Italy  


1987 | 1988        

Istituto Superiore di Grafica e Design

(College of Graphic Design)

Naples, Italy  


1982 | 1986 

Liceo Artistico

(Artistic High School, Higher Education)

Naples, Italy

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